3rd December, Sansion Power Engineer finished acceptance of AC Resonant Test System SXBP-972kVA/243kV in Bangladesh successfully and back to China.

This system was shipped in the end of September, please kindly refer to below news link for more ex-work testing information: http://www.sansionpower.com/view-122.html

Per customer’s require, the senior engineer of Sansion Power Electric was dispatched to Bangladesh for on-site training and technical supporting service.

During this acceptance, the AC Resonant Test System SXBP was running in good condition, and all the test results of test object was accordant with the standard, AC Resonant Test System SXBP-972kVA/243kV acceptance testing were completed successfully.

Sansion Power’s earnestness and rigorousness was highly praised by Bangladesh customers, both parties expressed the further cooperation in the nearly future.