• Multi-Function Shaker SXZD

    Multi-Function Shaker is used in laboratory to heat, shake, degas various kinds of liquid under constant temperature and a fixed time. It is controlled by mico-computer to realize man-machine interaction.

    SXFZ-III is five-in-one SF6 gas analyzer applied to measure dew point, purity and decomposition products of SF6 gas, which can detect three items by one testing,to save 2/3 of gas usage.
  • SF6 Dew Point(Moisture) Tester

    SXWS Oil Dew Point Tester is applied to measure precisely trace moisture that sample contains. SX-303 measures precisely trace moisture on liquid ,solid and gas samples according to the technology, and widely used in measuring moisture con
  • SF6 Leakage Detector (Quantitative) SXQ-L

    SXQ-L SF6 Leakage Detector is applied for qualitative and quantitative detection on SF6 equipment, vessel of power electric, manufacturer, chemical industry, fire equipments, atomic physics researching divisions and etc.
  • Oil Dew Point Tester SX-303

    SX-303 Oil Dew Point Tester is applied to measure precisely trace moisture that sample contains. SX-303 adopts large electrolytic current and current auto controlling, test results to be displayed in digital directly, and widely used in me
  • Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester ( For Insulation Oil) SXY-J

    SXYJS Capacitance Tan Delta Tester, also called Automatic Precision Oil Dielectric Loss Tester, which conforms to IEC and national standard, widely used to test dielectric loss of insulation oil of transformer, condenser and cables.
  • SXOT-IV Oil Breakdown Tester(3 Vessels)

    Keywords: Oil Dielectric Strength Tester, Oil Breakdown Tester, Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Tester SXOT-IV is the new generation of oil dielectric tester, which designed with 3 oil vessels could test at same time. The user only nee
  • SXQS Dissolved Gas Analyzer

    SXQS Dissolved Gas Analyzer also called:Power system Dedicated Insulation Oil and Gas Chromatography Analyzer, runs by computer automatic control, all-keyboard operation and large-screen liquid crystal display according to the requirements
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