SXBP – 6000kVA/600kV/10A Variable Frequency AC Series Resonant Test System Delivery To Spain

Sansion Power Electric2023-01-09 16:56

The system is consisted by below units:

  • Ø Variable Frequency Power Generator--SXBP- 250kW/380V (1 Unit)
  • Ø HV Divider--SXFR-600kV/2000pF (1 Unit)
  • Ø Exciting Transformer --SXJB-250kVA/15kV/25kV/30Kv/0.5kV (1 Unit)
  • Ø HV Reactor--SXDK-3000kVA/300kV (2 Unit)
  • Ø Accessories Box (connection wires)
  • ØHigh Voltage Damping Inductor

The automatic system can meet below test requirements :

1. 400kV and below cables, the unit length electricity capacity is 0.012 μF/km, the lengthdoes not exceed

0.8km, the testvoltage is ≤231kV, the resistance time is 60min;

2. 400kV and below GIS and other AC pressure tests. The electricity capacity does not exceed 55NF (maximum 155nf can be tested in 3 times), the test voltage is5 20kV, the test frequency is 30 to 300Hz, the resistance time is 30 minutes