Product Overview

SXDC-I is designed to measure and record the impedance, voltage, connecting resistance and etc importance parameters of batteries.


♦ Fast measuring the batteries’ parameters including voltage, impedance, connecting resistance and etc.

♦ Voltage and impedance over limitation alarm.

♦ Clear data groups series number, easy to manage and check.

♦ Powerful battery analyzing software, could realize the tracking analyzing on batteries’ faults.

♦ High precision, measuring range could be switched automatically.

l Auto switching within range of 0.000mΩ-99.999mΩ.

l 999 groups’ storage of battery parameters. (max. 999 batteries every group)

l 500 group’s storage of setting parameters.

l Battery capacity measuring range: 5AH-6000AH.

♦ Fully English interface, easy to operate.

♦ Graph and column diagram analyzing function.

♦ Capacity analyzing function.

♦ Oscilloscope function: To graphical display the highest and lowest voltage level and average voltage level of battery, SXDC-I also can calculate the battery’s voltage ripple wave.

♦ SD port, easy to store the test data with the PC.

♦ Could be used by single test unit without PC.

♦ Over voltage protection, safe and reliable.

♦ Self-recovery over current function.

♦ Power source: Large capacity lithium battery and adapter.

♦ Low battery indicator.

♦ Small size and light weight.

♦ PC analysis and management software.

l To auto analyze and judge the "degradation" state of battery.

l To generate history data record, and describe the curve of battery status.

l To compare and analyze the same group’s batteries.

l To manage all batteries by different levels. (Superior, good, fine, poor)


Measuring Range:


Min. Measuring Resolution:


Measuring Precision:

 Impedance:±0.5%rdg  ±6dgt
 Voltage:±0.2%rdg  ±6dgt

Power Source:

 11.1V,2400mAh,Rechargeable lithium battery

Power Consumption:

 Continuous working 8 hours.


 64Mbit Flash+4G SD Card


 5 inch color touch LCD screen


 220 x 170 x 52mm