Product Overview

SXBZ series Transformer Test Bench is suitable for comprehensive ex-work and maintenance detecting for all kinds of transformers. It’s widely used in the field of power supply and distribution, power transformer manufacturer, transformer maintenance center and etc.

This series could be customized according the customer’s requirements.


♦ Fully English interface.

♦ Two operation modes: by push button, or by computer. These two modes are protective interlocked, means after the user selected the mode, the system can be operated under this mode only.

♦ LCD screen, could display 18 parameters including three voltage, current and etc at same time. All the test data could be displayed on the screen at real time.

♦ Advanced processor and PLC controller adopted, high precision A/D convertor. Data calculated, stored, printed and generated to test report automatically. The print format is customized.

♦ The test system could be customized to bench type, microcomputer type or any at user’s option to be suitable for your test site.

♦ The voltage and current ratio is settable. PT, CT measuring range switching automatically, the test value is to be displayed directly.

♦ ACCESS database storage, all the parameters, test data, environmental temperature, test date and etc could be saved and generated to files, easy for browsing and analyzing.

♦ The power within low power factor range is measurable.

♦ Over load alarm, circuit miss connecting protection, miss operating protection, over voltage, over current protection and etc functions.

♦ More requires please kindly contact with us


Main test items:

♦ Transformer No-load Loss Measurement. (Automatically adjust to rated voltage under non-rated.)

♦ Transformer No-load Current Measurement. (Automatically calculate no-load current percentage.)

♦ Transformer Load Loss Measurement. (Automatically adjust to rated current & revised temperature.)

♦ Transformer Turn Ratios Measurement.

♦ Transformer DC Winding Resistance Measurement.

♦ Transformer Impedance Measurement. (Automatically adjusts to impedance voltage percentage under rated current & revised temperature)

♦ Transformer Power-Frequency Withstand Voltage (Hipot) Test.

♦ Transformer Inductive (frequency-doubling) Withstand Voltage (Hipot) Test.

♦ Transformer Temperature Rising Test

♦ Partial Discharge Test.

♦ Insulation Resistance, Absorption Ratio, Polarization Index Measurement.

♦ Transformer Impulse Voltage Test.

♦ Transformer Tap-Changer Test.

♦ Transformer Oil Test. (Chromatography, Oil Breakdown, Oil Dewpoint)

♦ External induction voltage regulator control(load & no-load test), input/output voltage, current monitoring and over-current protection.

♦ Voltage/Current transformer shift control.

♦ Single-phase voltage regulator control (power frequency test), input/output voltage, current monitoring and over-current protection.

Capacity of tested transformer:


Voltage level:

6KV, 10KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV, 330KV, 500KV, 750KV, 1000KV

The accuracy of direct current testing:


Testing current:

2A, 5A, 10A, 20A

Turn Ratio Testing accuracy:


Testing area:


No-load & load current, short circuit resist testing accuracy:


No-load & load loss testing accuracy:


Power factor:


Output voltage of AC withstand voltage:


Output Voltage of induced withstand voltage: