Product Overview

SXBF series generators are mainly used to generate tripe frequency induced voltage for high voltage transformers, potential transformers (PT), and other’s electric power products which has inductive coil. It also could be used for transformers in insulation induced voltage withstanding tests among windings, turn-to-turn, sections and phases.


This system is consisted by three phase five-column transformer (or three units single phase transformer), single phase regulator, and control units. The test set could be designed at customized, to be integrated or split type.

More details please contact Ms Kelly Pan by for further information.


♦ Capacity:3KVA 5KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 50KVA (at customized)

♦ Input voltage: three phases 380V-420V 50HZ

♦ Output voltage: single phase 0~500V/0~1000V (continuously adjustable) or at customized.

♦ Output frequency:150 Hz±1%

♦ Harmonic distortion:< 5%-8%

♦ No-load running time:≤5minutes

♦ Duration of test object under rated voltage: 40 seconds

More details please contact Ms. Kelly Pan by for further information.