Product Overview

Also called: Transformer Capacitance & Dissipation Factor Test set/ Transformer load/no-load Tester)

100% accuracy, SXBTC Transformer Power Tester is 4 in 1, that is transformer capacity tester, transformer loss parameter tester, harmonic analyzer and oscilloscope. SXBTC can test various transformers on capacity, no-load current, no-load loss, short circuit loss, impendence voltage and a range of power frequency parameters. It also can measure the voltage of no-load test, current distortion factor, harmonic content, and vector analysis.


♦ To measure the capacity of all kinds of distribution transformer, passive measure, safely and accurately.

♦ Built-in power source, auto supply three phase highpower test source and only needs to be recharged every 500 transformers testing.

♦ No need to connect three phase power source, or regulator or any other accessories when do the test on transformer capacity and short circuit loss. To simplify the connection, and improve the efficiency greatly.

♦ Can test no-load current, no-load loss, short circuit voltage, short circuit loss of all kinds of transformer.

♦ Auto waveform distortion correction, temperature correction (provide simple temperature correction and additional loss separately), voltage correction (no-load test under non rated voltage), current correction (short circuit test under non rated current). The test results are more accurate.

♦ Measure harmonic content and total harmonic distortion of voltage and current.

♦ Simple vector analyzing, drawing vector diagram.

♦ To display oscillogram of all electric parameter wave, as for oscilloscope usage.

♦ Max. voltage measuring range can reach to 750V.

♦ Capacity measuring range: 20kVA~100000kVA.

♦ Large high brightness LCD screen.

♦ Built-in panel-type thermal printer, fast print test results..

♦ 20 groups parameter can be pre set. The set parameter can be deleted at any time.

♦ 200 groups capacity test results can be stored up.

♦ Finish full current load test under 1000kVA below distribution transformer.

♦ Finish 2500kVA below distribution transformer load test under 1/3 rated current (Under 1/3 rated current, the instrument can be converted to load loss parameters under rated current.)

♦ All test results are corrected automatically. The instrument automatic correction as follows, waveform correction, temperature correction, Non rated voltage correction and non rated current correction. The test results are more accurate.

♦ Real-time clock, recording test date automatically, suitable for storage and management of test results.


♦ Active:

Voltage measuring range: 0~10V

Current measuring range: 0~10A

♦ Passive:

Voltage measuring range: 0~750V

Current measuring range: 0~100A range switching fully automatically.

♦ Precision:




Working temperature:-10℃~ +40℃

Charging source:AC 160V~260V

♦ Insulation:

Insulation resistance of voltage, current input terminal to the shell ≥100M?.

The affordable power frequency between power source and shell: 2kV (effective value), takes 1 minute test.