Product Overview

SXI-18 Insulator Faults Detector is the high performance for quantitative determination and analysis. It can detect every insulator’s resistance value accurately, at same time it also can identify the insulator which is leaked already but unbreakdown, that is critical damage insulator. SXI-18 also can analyze the insulation status of whole string insulator according detecting data under different weather conditions.

  • ♦ LCD screen.

  • ♦ Detecting with live (35-500kV) or power cut is all available.

  • ♦ Small size, light weight, quantitative determination.

  • ♦ Low / zero value insulator auto alarm.

  • ♦ To distinguish critical damage insulator accurately.

  • ♦ Test results auto displayed and saved.

  • ♦ Applied range: 35~500kv HV transmission line cap and pin insulator live (or power cut) detecting.

  • ♦ Measuring range: 10~2500ΜΩ

  • ♦ Measuring error: ±10%

  • ♦ Power supply: 3.6 V rechargeable lithium batteries.

  • ♦ Continuous working duty: no less than 7 hours.

  • ♦ Standby time: 30 hours.

  • ♦ Working condition:

Temperature: 25℃~+40℃

Atmospheric pressure: 86KPa~106 KPa

Relative humidity: ≤75%

  • ♦ Storage condition:

Temperature: -40℃~+55℃

Atmospheric pressure: 86KPa~106 KPa

Relative humidity: ≤90%