Product Overview

SXWH Wireless Phase Detector is applied to phase position and sequence detection for power circuit and substation.

  • ♦ Composed by: Control Unit (receiving), X Collector (transmitting), Y Collector (transmitting), needle type and hook type collector probes, extensible insulation rod and others accessories.

  • ♦ Adopts digital circuit, full functions, and low power consumption, only to change one battery every one year if in normal operation.

  • ♦ The control unit screen to display low voltage alarm if X, Y collector or control unit’s power is low voltage.

  • ♦ Safe and reliable:

  1. X and Y collectors transmits the collecting voltage phase position signal to the control unit, with reliable isolation performance of high voltage electrical safety.

  2. High anti-interference ability, data is stable and accurate.

  • ♦ Easy to use:

  1. Control unit can be power off automatically.

  2. On-site phase detecting doesn’t need any connecting wires. Phase detecting distance can reach 70m, and no influence by on-site environmental conditions.

  3. The whole phase detecting process can be finished within 2 minutes by two operators.

  • ♦ More functions:

  1. Phase can be detected between two different voltage degrees, not only used for qualitative measurement (same/out of phase), but also used for quantitative measurement (phase angle difference of two supply line: 30°,60°and etc.).

  2. Phase sequence measurement: positive phase sequence 120°, negative phase sequence 240°).

  3. Electrical inspection function: When the X or Y collector contact with the live part of HV line or electrical equipments, if the line or equipment is live, the control unit will display X or Y.

  • ♦ Control unit to show: wireless HV phase detector, same phase, out of phase, angle, X, Y, , .

  • ♦ Backlight button


  • ♦ Auto power off: 15 minutes standby then auto power off.

  • ♦ Sample rate: 3 times/second.

  • ♦ Build-in power supply: the control unit battery model is NEDA/604/6F22、9V or same style battery. X and Y collectors batteries are AG13、1.5V.

  • ♦ Working conditions: -35℃- +50℃, humidity: ≤90%RH.

  • ♦ Storage conditions: -40℃- +55℃, humidity: ≤95%RH.

  • ♦ Accuracy: self calibrating error ≤2°. On-site testing: same phase error≤10°,out of phase≤15°.

  • ♦ Power supply: 9V±2V

  • ♦ Collectors X and Y supply: 7.5V±1.5V.

  • ♦ Control unit working current: ≤ 7mA.

  • ♦ Collectors X and Y working current: ≤ 4mA.

  • ♦ Line-of-sight transmission distance between collector X, Y and control unit ≤ 70m.

  • ♦ Testable voltage degree: 0.22KV-500KV.

  • ♦ Extensible insulating rod: min. length is 600mm, max. length is 3000mm.

  • ♦ Carry case oversize: (L×W×H) 650mm×250mm×100mm.

  • ♦ Weight: Control unit about 0.3Kg, total about 5Kg.

  • ♦ Accessories:

1 piece Aluminum alloy carrycase

1 piece test lead with AC 220V plug and clip

1 piece User’s Guide

1 piece Test Report