Product Overview

SXJD-Z DC Ground Fault Detector is used to locate and detect the ground fault of 220V, 110V, 48V, 24 V and etc degree DC system in the power station or substation for electric power, petrochemical industry, coal industry and etc divisions.

Adopts low frequency principle to locate the DC system ground fault, that is to transmit the low frequency signal between fault busbar and ground, the fault locator can detect the resistive low frequency current.

  • ♦ Easy to use: Power on to test.

  • ♦ Safe and reliable: Floating charge or any power supply not need to be switched off. NO any influence on the DC system.

  • ♦ Applied for multi voltage degree: DC system 220V, 110V, 48V, 24 V and etc are all available.

  • ♦ Widely use: suitable for all types’ power station, substation, coal industry, petrochemical industry and etc divisions.

  • ♦ Portable: Build-in battery, is suitable for wide field on site test.


♦ Signal transmitter:

1) Power supply:220VAC±10%,50Hz

2) Power consumption:P≤15W

3) Output signal:12.5Hz、25Hz sine wave alternating, period: 1.5 seconds.

4) Signal output open circuit voltage:

High impedance: 50V(peak-peak)

Low impedance: 25V(peak-peak)

5) Signal output short circuit current: 3mA(peak-peak)

6) Anti DC impulse ability: (±300V,DC)

7) Oversize: 240×220×70(mm)

8) Weight: 2.0kg

9) Storage condition: normal temperature, keep it dry.

10) Working condition: normal temperature.

♦ Fault Locator:

1) Power supply: 2×9V laminated cell

2) Current detecting sensitivity: ≤0.5mA

3) Ground resistance detecting sensitivity: ≤20kΩ

4) Volume: 160×80×180(mm)

5) Working consumption: ≤0.1W

6) Weight: 500g

7) Storage condition: normal temperature, keep it dry.

8) Working condition: normal temperature.