Product Overview

Low voltage short circuit impedance measurement is the routine test item of transformer, SXDZ-II Low Voltage Short Circuit Impedance Analyzer is used for 35kV and above main transformers. It’s both suitable for on site and laboratory test.


♦ Small size, light weight.

♦ Voltage and current sampling synchronously and signal digital signal processing technology, measurement data is accurate.

♦ Adapts single phase measurement. When the transformer connection is selection, every phase short circuit can be calculated well automatically after three times measurements.

♦ Low current measurement can be calculated to rated current automatically, suitable for on-site test.

♦ Voltage, current, power can be measured synchronously. The frequency of apply power supply is also can be measured.

♦ Built in printer. No power failure memory for test data long storage.

♦ LCD screen, friendly interface, easy to operate. The data can be read clearly even in direct sunlight.


♦ Measurement accuracy: Voltage, current 0.2%

♦ Power: COSφ>0.1: 0.5 %; COSφ≤0.1:1.0%

♦ Impedance: COSφ>0.1: 0.5 %; COSφ≤0.1:1.0 %

♦ Measurement range of voltage: AC 10V~600V

♦ Measurement range of current: AC 0.5A~10A

♦ Working temperature: -10℃--50℃

♦ Humidity: 0-80%

♦ Power supply: AC220V±10﹪,50Hz±1Hz

♦ Dimension: 360*220*150mm

♦ Weight: about 5kg.