Product Overview

Keywords: Oil Dielectric Strength Tester, Oil Breakdown Tester, Transformer Oil Dielectric Strength Tester

SXOT-IV is the new generation of oil dielectric tester, which designed with 3 oil vessels could test at same time. The user only need to select test procedure or user defined procedure, SXOT-IV can complete the whole test procedures automatically, and save & print the test report.

SXOT-IV can be used for power frequency withstand test on the transformer oil, capacitor oil, electric device, insulation tool, electric manufacturer and etc. It’s widely used in the fields of power system, petroleum, chemical industry, railway station, power station, electric manufacturer and etc.

Voltage range: AC 0~80KV, 0~100KV


♦ Controlled by micro computer, easy to operate, the voltage boosting, stirring, static setting, calculation, data storage and printing output can be completed automatically..

♦ Using special glass mold for one time, prevent the oil spills.

♦ Full protecting functions including overvoltage, over current, limitation, grounding alarm to ensure the user’s safety.

♦ Unique waveform setting function to eliminate the interference of harmonics.

♦ Build-in printer.

♦ The user could select the test times, static stirring time, sound/light alarm continuously printing or stop printing.

♦ Double control by CPU & PLC to guarantee the stability.
♦ Full English interface, can trace the temperature and humidity, with clock display function.


♦ Power supply: AC 220V ±10%

♦ Test voltage: : AC0~80KV

♦ Vessel A, B or C is selectable and combinable.

♦ Voltage boosting rate: 2.0kV/s, 2.5 kV/s, 3.0 kV/s, 3.5 kV/s selectable.

♦ Precision level: 3 degree

♦ Continuous testing times: 1-6 times

♦ Stirring time: 0-99 seconds

♦ Static time: 0-9 minutes 59 seconds

♦ 50 groups’ data storage

♦ Voltage limitation setting: 20KV-70KV

♦ Voltage withstand time: 0-10 minutes

♦ Environmental temperature: 5-40℃

♦ Relative humidity: ≤80%RH

♦ Volume: 410×390×375 (mm)

♦ Weight: 28KG