Product Overview

SXER-2000 Earth Resistance Clamp Meter is applied to test earth resistance of various equipments and conductor resistance value of low resistance. It’s widely used in power electric, communications, atmosphere, oil field, construction, industrial power electric and etc. Designed with clamp type, SXER-2000 long type clamp is especially suitable for flat steel, it also can measure the neutral current and the leakage current of earth system.


♦ To measure earth system of loop circuit without breaking the ground down leads and auxiliary electrode.

♦ Safe and fast measuring

♦ Superior to conventional techniques.

♦ Clamp has long type and circle type. Long type clamp is especially suitable or flat steel.


♦ Power supply: 6VDC(5# alkaline batteries)

♦ Working temperature:-10℃-55℃

♦ Relative humidity:10%-90%

♦ LDC screen:47×28.5mm

♦ Clamp expanding size:28mm

♦ Weight: 1160g

♦ Oversize:L285mm, W85mm, H56mm

♦ Protection level:Double insulation

♦ Measuring range shift::Auto

♦ External magnetic field:<40A/m

♦ External electric field:<1V/m

♦ Single measuring time:1 second

♦ Resistance measuring frequency:>1KHz

♦ Max. Resistance measuring resolution:0.001Ω

♦ Resistance measuring range:0.01-1000Ω

♦ Current measuring range:0-20A

♦ Test current frequency:50/60Hz

♦ Storage:99 groups

♦ Resistance alarm critical value setting range:1-199Ω

♦ Current alarm critical value setting range:1-499mA