Product Overview

gloves prevent accidental shocks and electrical currents from occurring. It is still important to inspect them properly prior to use. SXNY-A Insulated Boots (Gloves) Hipot Test System is used to do the high voltage withstand test on the electric boots(gloves) to detect the parameters of leakage current, insulation aging, AC withstand and etc. It can protect the electrical workers from the electrical shock. It is also the effective and direct way to test insulating strength for electrical equipments, apparatus or machines. I checks dangerous flaws which assure electrical equipment continuous working. SXNY-A is widely used in testing including electric clothes, trousers, carpets, sleeves, rubber pipes and including testing of transformers, switchgear, cables, capacitors, aerial motors platforms, hot sticks bucket bricks, vacuum bottles and other related equipment like vacuum interrupters, blankets, ropes, gloves, hydraulics hose, instruments transformers generators.


♦ 8 ways measuring output: high voltage, low voltage current and 6 ways leakage current.

♦ 6 boots (gloves) can be tested at same time.

♦ HV voltage, LV current and 6 ways leakage current can be displayed real time, to detect the unqualified boots (gloves) exactly. Test time and result can be displayed directly.

♦ Over current protection, zero start, sound light alarm, power protection switch and etc.

♦ Anti-interference designation, high stability.

♦ New type time replay, wide timing range (0-999S)

♦ New type current relay, more accurate and reliable.

♦ Press Emergency button if any abnormal happened.

♦ Castors are installed in the bottom, it’s easy to move.

♦ Installation software, convenient for operator’s wire connecting.


♦ Input voltage:0~220V50HZ (Or customized)

♦ Output voltage:0-30KV (Or customized)

♦ Capacity:3KVA (Or customized)

♦ Test quantity:6

♦ Insulating boots(gloves) Test barrel 80KG

♦ AC Hipot Tester 70KG

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