Product Overview

SXTC-A Series AC/DC Hipot Test Set is suitable for hipot dielectric withstand test on various power electric products, units, insulating material and etc.


♦ Automatic or manual control mode can be selected

♦ Oil, dry, SF6 gas type transformer is selectable according to user’s requirements.

♦ LCD screen, thermal printer.

♦ 3 channels/4 channels/ 8 channels or more channel tests can be selected.

♦ HV voltage/current, LV voltage/current, time and withstand result can be displayed clearly.

♦ Full over voltage/current protection, can set output voltage, hV current limitation, LV current limitation and timekeeping.

♦ Voltage increasing or decreasing can be paused during automatic testing.

♦ Zero start protection. The test could be proceed only after voltage is back to zero.

♦ The voltage output could be stopped automatically when the HV current or LV current is over setting value, voltage is back to zero and sound-light alarming.

♦ When the voltage reaches setting value, timing starts automatically. The voltage is auto decrease back to zero after timing up.

♦ To press Exit to quit test at any time. To press Emergency to cut off voltage output.

♦ High anti interference design.

♦ Auto error diagnostics, easy to find and resolve the problem.

♦ AC or AC/DC test is selectable.

♦ 5kVA and above Testing Transformer with movable iron wheel. Light weight, small size, easy to move, superior performance.

♦ The control tester can be designed to box type, table type, or cabinet type according to user’s testing capacity:

5KVAor below, Box type

10KVAor above Table type

50KVAor above Cabinet type


♦ Input voltage: AC 220(380)V (customized)

♦ LV output: AC 0-250(430)V

♦ LV current: 0-5/10/15/50A (customized)

♦ Output capacity: 0-3/5/10/15 kVA (customized)

♦ HV output: 0-50/100/150/200 kV (customized)

♦ HV current: 0-50/100/150/200/500/1000/2000mA (customized)

♦ Timing range: 0-9999S

♦ Working temperature: -20℃ to 50℃

♦ Voltage precision: ≤1.5% ±1 digit (F.S)

♦ Current precision: ≤1.5% ±1digit (F.S)

Accessories for option:

♦ AC DC divider 50,100,150,200kV

♦ Sphere gap

♦ DC microammeter

♦ Discharge rod

♦ Water resistor

♦ HV filter capacitor: 0.01μF-0.1μF, 40-300kV

♦ Trolley

♦ Insulating support: 50,100,200,300kV

♦ Oil cup: 400ml

♦ HV electroscope: 10, 35kV