Product Overview

SXJS-III is a new generation, fully automatic measure dielectric loss(tgδ)and the capacitance (Cx) of electric equipment. It’s suitable for testing on transformer, insulating bush, capacitor, CT/PT, MOA and etc.


♦ Frequency conversion anti interference, measuring accurately even under 200% interference, test data is stable and suitable for onsite interference dielectric loss measurement.

♦ High precision, adopts digital waveform analysis and bridge self calibration technology.

♦ The input resistance of whole measurement range is lower than 2Ω, to eliminate auxiliary capacitance influence of measured cable.

♦ 1.2.3 multi-level safety protection.

♦ HV protection: Fast cut down when test object under short circuit, break down or HV current fluctuation.

♦ LV protection: Auto starts protection to avoid over voltage when miss connected 380V, power fluctuation or power failure.

♦ Grounding protection: When the tester is not to the ground or poor ground, the procedure will not going on, no HV output. Over current protection, to protect device against damage when test object is at short circuit or breakdown.

♦ CVT: HV voltage/current, LV voltage/current 4 protection limited value, to protect the equipment. The exciting voltage will not be outputted if miss operating. No 10kV HV output under CVT measuring.

♦ Anti miss operation: two degrees power switch. Voltage and current are real-time monitoring. Repeating press button to confirm. Connection terminals are divided as HV and Lv. Voltage boosting smoothly, and decreasing fast. With sound light alarm.

♦ Anti “Capacity lifting”: When to test large capacity test object, the voltage will be enlarged. The tester can trace the output voltage automatically, to ensure the constant of test voltage.

♦ Robust and anti-shake during long transportation.

♦ HV cable: Insulated hipot cable.

♦ Multi working modes can realize all kinds of dielectric loss testing: Positive/ Negative connection, internal/external standard capacitance, internal/external HV. No need to connect any outside auxiliary equipment.

♦ Large LCD screen with backlight, English menu easy to operate. Auto identifies the types (capacitance, inductance or resistance type) of test object.

♦ Build-in printer.

♦ Standard capacitor port, equipped with oil cup and special test leads, SXJS-III can realize the insulated oil dielectric loss measurement. The insulated material dielectric loss measurement also can be realized if outside connected with measuring polarity. To realize HV dielectric loss testing if outside connected with standard capacitor.

♦ Auto identify 50Hz/60Hz system power source, and support electric generator. Normal measuring even the frequency has high fluctuation.

♦ Build-in series and paralleled connections two dielectric measuring modes.

♦ 255 groups data storage.

♦ CVT test function, can realize CVT self-excitation test. Only one test, the capacitance and dielectric loss of C1, C2 can be measured all.

♦ Negative connection LV shield function: when 220kV CVT bus bar to the ground, C11 can do the 10kV negative connected dielectric measurement without remove the wires.

♦ Auto identify outside connected HV test power source frequency 40Hz~70Hz, support power frequency source, variable frequency source and series resonant power source to proceed large capacity HV dielectric loss test.

♦ RS232 PC port, to realize measuring, data processing and test report exporting, including software updating. And can be compacted into HV test vehicle.

  • ♦ Accuracy: Cx: ±(read ×1%+1pF)

  • tgδ: ±(read ×1%+0.00040)

  • ♦ Anti interference: Frequency conversion anti interference, under 200% interference, still can reach above accuracy.

  • ♦ Capacitance range:

  • Inner HV: 3pF~60000pF/10kV 60pF~1μF/0.5kV

  • Outside HV: 3pF~1.5μF/10kV 60pF~30μF/0.5kV

  • Resolution: Max. 0.001pF,4 significant figures

  • ♦ Tgδ range: unlimited, resolution: 0.001%, capacitance, inductance, resistance can be identify automatically.

  • ♦ Test current range: 10μA~1A

  • ♦ Inner HV:Setting voltage range: 0.5~10kV

Max.Output current: 200mA

Increase/decrease voltage: continuous slide regulating.

Test frequency: 45, 50, 55 single frequency

45/55Hz auto double frequency conversion

Frequency precision: ±0.01Hz

  • ♦ Outside HV: Positive connection max. test current 1A, Power frequency or frequency conversion 40-70Hz

  • Negative connection max. test current: 10kV/1A, power frequency or frequency conversion 40-70Hz

  • ♦ CVT self excitation LV output: voltage 3~50V,current 3~30A

  • ♦ Measuring duty: about 40s,it depend on measuring methods.

  • ♦ Input power supply: 180V~270VAC,50Hz±1%,local supply or by generator.

  • ♦ RS232.

  • ♦ Build-in thermal printer.

  • ♦ Environmental temperature: -10℃~50℃

  • ♦ Relative humidity: <90%

  • ♦ Oversize: 460×360×350mm

  • ♦ Weight: 28kg