Product Overview

SXYZ-2000 On-Load Tap-Changer Analyzer is designed to measure and analyze the electrical performance of on load tap changer of power transformers and special transformers.

  • ♦ To realize all the performance measurement on load tap changer. For example: switch selecting, break point, transit waveform, transit time, three phase synchronism and etc.

  • ♦ Comprehensive measured result analyzing: can analyze the resistance value of every point and every segment of waveform, every period of time and three phase unsynchronism and etc.

  • ♦ Large LCD screen, the user is easy to know all the parameters of 3 phase changers of every moment during switching process.

  • ♦ Build-in printer.

  • ♦ Shock proof, over voltage protection. All the outside leads are connected to test circuit via protection system, to prevent the device against damage caused by high inductance spark or wrong connection.

  • ♦ High anti interference ability. Fully aluminum alloy carry case, build-in power source noise filter,

  • ♦ And anti interference circuit, can test reliably even on the site where has poor power source and strong electromagnetic field.

  • ♦ Data storage. All the test data and waveform can be saved separately in this device, and will not lose even power failure. It’s convenient for the user to take on-site data to laboratory. 16 groups waveform can be stored.

  • ♦ 3 phase independent test power supply, max. output current 0.5A.

  • ♦ Sampling rate: 10~20KHZ

  • ♦ Once waveform max. stored time: 6.4 s

  • ♦ Transit resistance measuring range: Y/0 type transformer≤40W,Y type transformer≤20W

  • ♦ Measuring precision: Δ≤10%

  • ♦ Measuring synchronism error: 0.2ms

  • ♦ Power supply: 220V ±10%

  • ♦ Power: £200W

  • ♦ Oversize: 410mm´320mm ´200mm

  • ♦ Weight: £20kg