Product Overview

SXBP Series AC Resonance Test System is specially designed for AC withstand test for electric equipments of substation at 10kV~500kV or below.


√ Transformer

√ Cables

√ GIS System

√ Insulator



√ Small size, portable for operating.

√ Screen to show the test data, status and display operation step by real-time.

√ Small temperature rising at rated load. Dry-type epoxy cast, high mechanical strength and good insulation ability.

√ 220V or 380V single phase power source is suitable for on-site sourcing.

√ Different type reactors for optional realize the multipurpose.

√ With over current, over voltage, IPM and discharge protection function.

√ Test result can be printed.


√ Rated output voltage: 0~500kV or below

√ Output frequency: 20 -300Hz.

√ Resonant voltage waveform: sine wave, waveform Distortion rate ≤ 1%.

√ Full load working time: continuous working time 60mins.

√ Quality factor: max. load ≥ 20.

√ Frequency adjustment: fineness 0.1Hz, instability ≤ 0.01%.

√ Power supply: 220V or 380V single-phase.