Product Overview

SXGK-H is designed to test the mechanical dynamic characteristics various voltage degree vacuum, SF6, with oil and etc high voltage and low voltage circuit breakers.


♦ 7 inch large color LCD, can read clearly even in direct sunlight.

♦ Friendly English interface, touching key, easy to operate.

♦ Build-in printer.

♦ Integrated power supply, suitable for on-site test. DC20-265V adjustable power source, current 15A. The active voltage value of open/close coil can be set arbitrarily, the low voltage action of circuit breaker is also can be tested.

♦ Universal type velocity sensor, easy to install.

All the data and graph can be available only by one time switching.

♦ To be suitable for all kinds of GIS, SF6/vacuum/oil switchgears.

♦ 6000 groups data storage (memory card is extendable). Built-in clock to save the test date and time.

♦ USB port, to save the data to the U disk.

♦ 12 channels metal contactors, three channels closing resistance measurement.

♦ Built-in anti interference circuit, suitable for 500kV substation reliable testing.


♦ Time test:12 channels


Open(Close)same phase no- synchronism

Open(Close)phase to phase no-synchronism

Close(Open)bounce time(bounce numbers)

Test range:0.1ms~999.99ms

Resolution: 0.01ms

♦ Velocity test:Open(Close)velocity

Pointed periods of time(travel period or angle period)average speed


Range: 1mm Sensor:0.01~25.00m/s,

0.1mm sensor: 0.001~2.50m/s

0.5°angle sensor: 1cycle/ 0.5°

♦ Travel test:Moving contactor travel

Contactor travel (open distance)

Overshoot travel or bounce travel (amplitude)


Sensor:300mm(option),Resolution: 0.1mm

360line sensor:360о,resolution:0.5о

300mm/500mm/universal sensor are optional.

♦ Current: Max. current output 15A

♦ AC source:AC 220V ± 10%;50Hz ± 2%

♦ DC source:Output voltage:2~265V continuous adjustment,output current:≤ 15A(short time)

♦ Control unit oversize:380×280×140mm

♦ Working temperature:-10℃~+50℃

♦ RH:≤90%