Product Overview

SXHL-II is suitable for measurement on contact resistance, loop resistance of switchgear, power cable and weld joint. It’s also known as Micro-ohmmeter. The current positions and range are at the customized.


♦ Measuring time is settable

♦ Auto identify if large current lead was bad connected

♦ Four leads measurement method, high Accuracy

♦ Adjustable testing current and low ripple;

♦ LCD screens to display Current and Resistance

♦ USB interface

♦ Built-in printer

♦ Over-current and Over-heat protection

♦ Easy to operate;

♦ Portable, high precision.


♦ Measure range: 0-14999.9μΩ

♦ Resolution: 0.01μΩ

♦ Test current: 50A-100A-150A-200A is convertible. (current is at your customized)

♦ Accuracy: 0.5%±5digit

♦ Screen: LCD English interface

♦ Max. output voltage: DC 5V/10V

♦ Standard output current: DC 50A-100A-150A-200A

♦ Duty: Continuous

♦ Input voltage: 220V AC ±10% 50Hz±5Hz

♦ Measuring time setting range: 15-60S