• SXQS Dissolved Gas Analyzer

    SXQS Dissolved Gas Analyzer also called:Power system Dedicated Insulation Oil and Gas Chromatography Analyzer, runs by computer automatic control, all-keyboard operation and large-screen liquid crystal display according to the requirements
  • Digital Earth Resistance Tester SX2672

    SX2672 Digital Earth Resistance Tester is applied to measure the resistance value between protective earth terminal and connectable metal shell for various motor, electric equipments, instruments, household appliances and etc.
  • Earth Resistance Clamp Meter SXER-2000

    SXER-2000 Earth Resistance Clamp Meter is applied to test earth resistance of various equipments and conductor resistance value of low resistance. Its widely used in power electric, communications, atmosphere, oil field, construction, indu
  • SXSQ Earth Resistance Clamps Meter

    Well grounding system is the important warranty for safe and reliable transmission of communication and electrical equipments. SXSQ Earth Resistance Clamps Meter is widely used in electric power, communications, atmosphere, distribution li
  • Water Cooled Generator Insulation Tester SXWG

    SXWG Water Cooled Generator Insulation Tester is designed to test for water cooled generator, and insulation test onsite or laboratory.
  • Insulation Resistance Tester SX2600

    SX2600 Insulation Resistance Tester has double display, is designed to measure insulation resistance of large capacity transformer, CT/PT, generator, HV motor, power capacitor, cable, surge arrestor (MOA) and etc.
  • Grid Earth Resistance Tester SXDW-II

    SXDW-II Grid Earth Resistance Tester is applicable for measurement on power frequency earth impedance, characteristic parameter and soil resistivity of various ground equipments, and the test of substation earth grid (4), power generator,

    SXZGF series of DC high voltage tester is used for testing DC high voltage for zinc oxide arresters, power cables, generators, transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear and other equipments, it is suitable for electric power divisions , p
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