• Water Cooled Generator Insulation Tester SXWG

    SXWG Water Cooled Generator Insulation Tester is designed to test for water cooled generator, and insulation test onsite or laboratory.
  • Insulation Resistance Tester SX2600

    SX2600 Insulation Resistance Tester has double display, is designed to measure insulation resistance of large capacity transformer, CT/PT, generator, HV motor, power capacitor, cable, surge arrestor (MOA) and etc.
  • Grid Earth Resistance Tester SXDW-II

    SXDW-II Grid Earth Resistance Tester is applicable for measurement on power frequency earth impedance, characteristic parameter and soil resistivity of various ground equipments, and the test of substation earth grid (4), power generator,
  • Insulating Boots (Gloves) Hipot Test Set SXNY-A

    Electrical workers wear rubber insulating gloves to protect themselves on the job. These gloves prevent accidental shocks and electrical currents from occurring. It is still important to inspect them properly prior to use. NYZ-A Insulated
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